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  • Conference Building Track News

    MACC has held a Building Track for many years now, focused on the Bentley building suite of tools.  As the BIM universe continues to expand, other workflows and toolsets need to be taken into account.  This year's Building track will be split into two:

    Day 1 will focus on the technical aspect of AECOsim Building Designer, Bentley's single information modeling software application for architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical systems deisgn.  Sessions include a software update, content creation, drawing production and reports.

    Day 2 will focus on Interoperability in the Building environment, and how Bentley users consume and interact with other types of data created for disparate technologies.  Sessions will interoperating with AutoCAD DWG files, Revit RVT files, CIS/2, and ISM.  Two features on this track to watch out for:

    1. Content - this session will discuss Bentley's new approach to Content, including the RFA Interpreter, where Bentley users can use Revit  Family Content without the need of Revit
    2. ProjectWise and Revit:  this session will focus on how ProjectWise is used to managed Revit projects in a multi-office, multi-discipline  scenario

    You can sign up at http://www.regonline.com/builder/site/Default.aspx?EventID=1248378.  Costs are $125 / day.   Each day's registration includes sessions, workshops (first come first serve), breakfast, lunch, snacks, and "in the bag" giveaways. 

    We hope to see you there! 

    See  below for longer descriptions of each session. 

    Day 1- Building

    What's New in SS4 - an overview of all the new features in AECOsim Building Designer SELECT Series 4 release.  AECOSim Building Designer is a combined BIM solution that includes architecture, architectural space planning, structural, mechanical, and electrical design.  Topics include Dynamic View enhancements, IFC enhancements, COBie/FM Handover support, Compound Wall enhancements, Structural enhancements, including new Column Grids, Joists, and Decking toolsets, and over 175 new Mechanical components.

    Documenting Data in Models - The ability to effectively leverage data in BIM models is crucial to architects and engineers. In this session users learn how to use the reporting tools within AECOsim Building Designer to generate schedules and reports. The session also teaches users the best practices for creating custom search queries and reports.

    Creating Your Own Parametric Content in Parametric Cell Studio- Session participants learn the basic concepts of creating and assembling cells in order to create and use parametric content. They also learn the best practices for developing parametric content and gain an understanding of its connection to the datagroup system. In addition, they discover how to make content more user-friendly for their teams and to keep their customizations separate from delivered content. Finally, they are taught how to schedule new content and leverage macros.

    Dynamic Views - Learn in this session how to apply techniques for incorporating office-drawing standards into the Dynamic View templates in order to optimize drawing production using AECOsim Building Designer.

    Supe up your Structural Production! -  This session will be focused on the Structural Modeling and Documentation portion of AECOsim Building Designer.     Modeling techniques, structural drawing production and resymbolization rules, templates, details, and Hypermodeling are just a few of the items that will be discussed.  A must for anyone in the BIM or Plant world who works around the structural discipline.

    Day 2- Interoperability

    DWG - For many years, Bentley and Autodesk have enjoyed an agreement whereby each company shares their file format libraries in their flagship products to promote interoperability  of DWG files within the Bentley environment.  Join us in this session to discuss how Bentley uses and works with the DWG file format.

    Content / RFA - This session teaches participants about Bentley’s solution for handling content and provides them with some practical tips on how to get the most value from content when working on building projects.  Topics will include the future of the new Parametric Content Modeler, the forthcoming Content Management Service, and highlighting the current RFA Interpreter.  The RFA Interpreter (beta) allows AECOsim users to utilize parametric content from RFA format (Revit Family format by Autodesk.)

    i-Models - Bentley i-Model is a container for open infrastructure information exchange and enables bidirectional feedback in dynamic workflows.  i-Models can be generated by multiple types of products, including Bentley tools as well as Autodesk tools such as Revit, and can opened graphically AND from an ODBC datasource such as Excel, Access or SQL.  This session will focus on how to generate and use i-Models in multiple ways.

    Structural/ISM - Integrated Structural Modeling (ISM) is a comprehensive interoperability methology for structural information.  ISM works with multiple types of platforms and technologes, including Bentley tools, Autodesk Revit, and Tekla, amongst others.  This session will overview how the ISM process works, how data is transfered, and how ISM can be used to bring disparate structural designers together.

    ProjectWise and Revit - Learn how to optimize Revit workflows for project teams in multiple remote locations with minimal impact on Revit design workflows through the use of ProjectWise. Also learn how projects can be stored in a single repository using ProjectWise to manage hundreds of file formats, including BIM, CAD, and Office formats. This creates a single point of access for all team members. In addition, the session teaches you how to manage Revit families to ensure all team members are using the right standards regardless of their location.