2015 Conference Presentations


Track: CAD Management

MicroStation CONNECT Configuration Development

David Haskin, Burns & McDonnell

MicroStation CONNECT Configuration Development - Don’t let all the new MicroStation configuration terms and workflows scare you. Attend this session to clear  your confusion. We’ll discuss the new configuration levels, variables and concepts. You may just find with all the new administrative enhancements that you can  nearly run this build out of the box.

Knowledge Level: All Levels

Working with Element Templates

Ben Swanson-Chrisman, Black & Veatch

In this session we will explore how to use DGNLIB’s to help control CADD standards. Topics covered will include setting up both task based interfaces as well as  element templates. We will also discuss how to control these files from an enterprise level.

Knowledge Level: All Levels

MoDOT Electronic Deliverables and E-Construction

Ashley Reinkenmeyer, Missouri DOT

This presentation will discuss the changes to MoDOT’s Engineering Policy Guide on the requirements and delivery of electronic deliverables associated with 3D  Digital Design Data Delivery that comes along with the implementation of PowerGEOPAK at MoDOT. The presentation will also include an overview of MoDOT’s   E-construction plans to meet MAP-21 Every Day Counts Initiatives 

Knowledge Level: All Levels

Working with Point Clouds using MicroStation and Bentley Descartes

Jack Riley, Burns & McDonnell

In this session we will explore the tools within MicroStation and Descartes for manipulating and working with point clouds.

Knowledge Level: All Levels

Track: ProjectWise

ProjectWise Tip and Tricks

Mahesh Patel, Carollo Engineers, Inc.

In this session we will cover tips ranging from ProjectWise Client configuration/settings, Managed Workspaces settings,  and a few ProjectWise administrator options within the ProjectWise administrator tool. A few tips to help ease frustrations at various levels within a ProjectWise environment.

Knowledge Level: All Levels

Introducing ProjectWise Engineering Content Management (ECM)

Bill McNamara, Bentley Systems

Have you heard about ProjectWise Engineering Content Management (ECM)? Come learn about Bentley’s Engineering Content Management Strategy. We will  discuss Bentley’s current portfolio of products, our approach to Engineering Content Management and ProjectWise CONNECT Edition.

Knowledge Level: All Levels  

Georgia DOT-ProjectWise Case Study

Kristi Patterson, Bentley Systems

Georgia Department of Transportation has joined the many other organizations and agencies that use ProjectWise to manage their project documents. This case  study will discuss GDOT’s approach to the state-wide implementation of ProjectWise and will highlight a few unique ways they are using the software for document  control.

Knowledge Level: All Users

Working with Pull-Down Lists and ProjectWise Attributes

Marty Price, Burns & McDonnell

Learn how to use create an environment inside of ProjectWise Administrator that will allow you to pull data from it without needing access to the SQL Database.

Knowledge Level: All Users

Track: Exhibitor/ Vendor

ProjectWise Tools for QA of Incoming Drawings and Attributes

Matthew Tolmie, Altiva

We’re looking at the changing environment and increasing demands of the owner operators outsourcing design plans, their demands for standards not only for the  CAD drawings but also the delivery of document control information and attributes. Our company provides software to streamline the QA process for both the draw- ings and the ancillary information, cutting out a lot of the to-and-fro between client and supplier.

Knowledge Level: All Users

Innovations in Digital Workflows

Lillian Magallanes & Michael Calkins, Bluebeam

Leveraging digital information throughout the life of a project is a common goal for design firms, construction companies and government entities across the coun- try, but finding a solution allowing for information to be shared downstream from the office to the field remains a challenge. Lilian Magallanes, Industry Specialist  and Michael Calkins, Senior Account Specialist at Bluebeam Software, will walk you through the ways project teams are digitally collaborating and sharing access  to information through the cloud, maintaining a single source of truth.

Knowledge Level: All Users

VBA! MicroStation vs. AutoCAD

Mark Stefanchuck and Mary Ramsey, The Phocaz Group

Have you written or recorded a VBA macro for MicroStation, for AutoCAD? Have you always wanted to automate a drawing process, or maybe a project close out  process? Or have you needed to change/update a cell element in hundreds of cad files, but weren't sure how to get started? In this class I will introduce you to  design automation via VBA, show you how to get started, and provide examples that you can use to create your own applications.

Knowledge Level: All Users

Track: Civil

Civil Product Update

Chuck Lawson, Bentley Systems

There have been a lot of exciting changes to the Bentley Civil products over the last few months and years. But let's face it, sometimes it's hard to keep up! As  always, this session will bring you up to date on these changes as well as give you a glimpse into the future. If you want to know what's going on with Bentley Civil,  this is the session for you! 

Knowledge Level: All Users

Best Practice:  Corridor Modeling

Calex Gonzalez, HDR

Best Practice: Corridor Modeling – This session will cover best practices used when setting up and creating corridors, alternative methods to corridor modeling, and  some of the newest features in the MR1 release of OpenRoads.

Knowledge Level: All Users

Beyond Corridor Modeling in OpenRoads

Don Lee, Bentley Systems

Intermediate - Getting a Complete Model of your design is more then just grading a pad along a road, or designing a site that has a road. Come see how the tools  offered in OpenRoads allows you to take your Model to new limits by providing tools that are geared to bring your models to life.

Knowledge Level: Intermediate Knowledge of OpenRoads

Best Practice: Earthwork Volume Calculations

Don Lee, Bentley Systems

Intermediate - No job is complete until you can provide the owner/operator the cost to make your design a reality. Civil projects are no different. Learn to see how  the OpenRoads tools can provide the earthwork and material quantities for your next project.

Knowledge Level: Intermediate Knowledge of OpenRoads

Best Practice: From Civil Model to Plan Set

Chuck Lawson, Bentley Systems

This presentation discusses best practices for documenting the civil model with cross section sheets, earthwork quantities, and reports and how to save the model  back to InRoads, GEOPAK, and MXROAD formats for use by traditional tools and workflows.

Knowledge Level: All Users

Value-Adding all Utilities to the 3D Model

Dan Calistrat, DTM Solutions

Why just add all utilities to the 3D Model when you can VALUE-ADD them?  This presentation will exhibit methodologies and techniques to add any and all utilities  such that their own parameters, as well as relationships to other components of the model, can be easily evaluated, assessed, revised and updated.

Knowledge Level: All Users

GEOPAK Site SS2 to SS3:  Making the Transition

Steve Litzau, TranSystems

As technology and tools evolve, our workflow and process must evolve with it. This course will take a look at the tools site modelers have been using in   SelectSeries 2 and draw the extension to their counterparts in the OpenRoads workflow.

Knowledge Level: All Users

Civil Visualization Tips & Tricks

Kristi Patterson, Bentley Systems

You know how to click the render button, but what now? This Tips and Tricks session will show some tools and techniques that will make your civil rendering and  animation life easier. Come learn a few new ways to wow your co-workers! 

Knowledge Level: All Users

An introduction to SITEOPS

Bob Rolle, Bentley Systems

Are you going above and beyond for your clients? Do you want to not only complete a project, but deliver exceptional work that differentiates you from the competition?  If so, see how SITEOPS, a cloud-based technology for the land development design industry, is GREATLY benefiting its early adopters. SITEOPS allows users to  harness the power of the 3D/4D intelligent modeling world to easily analyze and manipulate site design options in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional CAD  programs. Users can work with clients in real time to evaluate multiple design schemes while understanding the cost associated with each design solution. Being able  to deliver almost instant results to clients will far exceed their expectations and give your firm a competitive edge. SITEOPS is groundbreaking technology that has just  begun to make way in the conceptual design world, so now is the time to take notice.

Knowledge Level: All Users

Track: Utilities / Plant

Advantages of Implementing Subsurface Utility Design and Analysis (SUDA)

Robert Garrett, Bentley Systems

In this presentation get a firsthand look at Bentley’s next addition to the subsurface utility toolset. StormCAD for OpenRoads tools add hydraulic design capabilities  to the Subsurface Utility Engineering tools released in OpenRoads SELECTSeries 3. See how the layout tools now include hydraulic analysis and design.

Knowledge Level: All Users

Track: Building

Dynamic Views vs. Cached Views

Shawn Foster, Black & Veatch

This lecture will demystify the difference between a Dynamic view and a Cached view. It will outline the advantages of each and provide tips and tricks for managing your cached view 

Knowledge Level: Intermediate

Track: Leadership

Software as a Service

Bill McNamara, Bentley Systems, Inc.

Bentley Cloud Services.

Knowledge Level: All Users