2017 Conference Presentations


Bridge Modeling Tips with OpenBridge Modeler

Presented by Steve Willoughby, Bentley Systems

In this session, you will Learn how you can create a model of a bridge to include in your OpenRoads model using OpenBridge Modeler. OpenBridge Modeler provides the best solution to create physical models than trying to model a bridge by pushing a template down an OpenRoads corridor or using a civil cell. As the bridge design progresses, and you get a more accurate model from the structural team, your temporary bridge model can easily be replaced. Until then you have a realistic model for your design work and presentations.

BrIM Analysis Product Update

Presented by Steve Willoughby, Bentley Systems

Review of the latest updates and enhancements in the latest delivery of LEAP Bridge Enterprise, LEAP Steel and RM Bridge.


Common Customizations in OpenPlant

Presented by Kris Wishart, Black & Veatch

This session will discuss some of the configuration methods for implementing OpenPlant PID and Modeler in a common environment on a project. A method of configuring Picklist so that they are shared between OpenPlant PID and Modeler will be used as an example case.


Optimizing the LiDAR Data Process across Operations

Presented by Mike Cook, Certainty3D

DOTs worldwide are using UAVs, tripod Laser scanners and mobile LiDAR system technology for corridor surveys. TopoDOT software offers a seamless process to manage this data, assess data quality and extract topographies, assets and 3D models to support design, construction and maintenance operations.

Introducing BIM at the Copenhagen Airport

Presented by Michael Ørsted, Copenhagen Airports

Gain and learn from BIM Copenhagen Airport introduced use of BIM on existing buildings, with a focus on gaining a benefit.


Subsurface Utility Engineering: Existing Utility Modeling in OpenRoads

Presented by Mike Hayes, HNTB

Introduction to existing utility modeling utilizing OpenRoads (InRoads). We will start at the beginning looking at the setup then dive into the tools and model various types of utilities. The output will be 3D graphics that will help you build the model of your project.


USACE and th. A/E/C Work Structure — Strategy and Overview

Presented by Roger Fujan, US Army Corps of Engineers

This session will cover topics around the movement from the TS Workspace to the A/E/C Work Structure, current state of the Structure, and the USACE plans in the short and long term. Additional topics include how USACE shall handle moving to the CONNECT Edition of Bentley tools, and a Q&A session.

Emerging Technologies

ProjectWise and Bluebeam Integration

Presented by Jason Patterson, Black & Veatch

Bluebeam and ProjectWise make the perfect pair for Engineering Documentum Management and Collaboration. Come learn how ProjectWise connects to Bluebeam’s studio for a real-time drawing collaboration experience.

TopoDOT for ESRI: Integrating Pointcloud and Image data into the ArcMap environment

Presented by Mike Cook, Certainty3D

There is now a TopoDOT® version for ESRI® products! Using Certainty 3D’s proprietary DPEG image technology, TopoDOT® makes it possible to access Mobile LiDAR data (as well as data from Terrestrial, ALS, UAS and UAV platforms) containing an unlimited number of images, point clouds and related data from ArcMap® and other ESRI products. These DPEG images can be stored using TopoCloud™ on any private FTP server or public storage such as Amazon S3 and accessed by simply clicking on the map. The user can then identify assets, extract precise locations and make basic measurements in the user-friendly TopoDOT® application.


MicroStation CONNECT Edition Workspaces

Presented by Greg Roberts, TranSystems

This session will focus on the changes to the workspace settings in MicroStation Connect. Major Topics of discussion will be: Configuration Variable Levels, Configuration File structure, Workspace and Worksets. We’ll discuss ways to move your V8 workspaces to Connect. This session is designed for users that are familiar with deploying company workspaces on previous MicroStation versions and is targeted to Administrators and CADD Managers. General users will also benefit as we discuss the new structure and terms.

Beyond the Basics of the MicroStation Reference Dialog

Presented by AJ Warner, HNTB

This session will review all of the buttons, toggles and fields found within the MicroStation Reference Dialog. We will also take a look at several configuration variables that can be used to control these settings.


Setup your Design Team for Success

Presented by Adrian Crowfoot, Bentley Systems

Learn best practices to ensure designers use the right application, the right version and the correct workspace.

Go from Paper to Automated PDFs and Purpose-built i-Models

Presented by Bobby Mullenax, Bentley Systems

Learn how you can automate the publishing of all your deliverables.

Expand ProjectWise Workflows Beyond Design

Presented by Bill DiGregorio, Bentley Systems

Join this session to explore an example of leveraging ProjectWise for more than just design/engineering, work-in-progress documents. In this lecture, you will learn a practical alternative for creating, routing (in parallel) and issuing internal proposals.

ProjectWise and Autodesk Revit Advanced Integration

Presented by Bobby Mullenax, Bentley Systems

During this lecture, you will learn how you can leverage advanced Revit integration capabilities for publishing workflows and standards content management, and workshare with your project team. We will also highlight how ProjectWise supports Revit BIM Collaboration.

ProjectWise and Autodesk Civil3D Integration

Presented by Bobby Mullenax, Bentley Systems

During this lecture, you will learn how you can leverage advanced Civil 3D integration capabilities for publishing workflows and standards content management, and workshare with your project team. We will also highlight how ProjectWise supports Revit BIM Collaboration.

i-model Composition Server for PDF’s—Copying projects between ProjectWise Datasources

Presented by Teresa Bouton, TranSystems

This will walk the ProjectWise Administrator through the setup and implementation within the ProjectWise environment enabling you to move/copy projects to another datasource. You will learn how to create a profile, and schedule a task utilizing files, folders and saved searches.

Go Beyond ProjectWise Administrator Tasks with PowerShell

Presented by Marty Nickel, Bentley Systems

Join us as we introduce the basics of Powershell and how you can take advantage of this service in ProjectWise

Supporting the Transition to a Hosted ProjectWise Environment

Presented by Marty Nickel, Bentley Systems

Join us for making your transition to a hosted environment easy and understand the steps required to get you up and running quickly.

Making the Cloud Transformation

Presented by Marty Price, Burn & McDonnell

Want to know what it has taken for Burns and McDonnell to move into ProjectWise CONNECT. Come and hear what were some of the reasons as to why we moved and the benefits we are seeing from moving to ProjectWise CONNECT.

Big Data and Deliverables

Presented by JR Smith, ch2m

Join this session and learn how CH2M is taking advantage of ProjectWise for improved project collaboration.

Custom ProjectWise Integration

Presented by Mike Dilner, Professional Engineering Consultants, P.A.

Come discover a combination of unconventional ProjectWise mechanics and light scripting that allow you to use some problematic applications within a ProjectWise environment. No SDK required. Specific examples will include HEC-RAS, & OneNote. VBScript examples will be provided.

Scaling Out Your ProjectWise System

Presented by Marty Nickel, Bentley Systems

Join this session to explore the best way to scale ProjectWise Design Integration to meet your ever expanding organizational and project needs.

How to Use ProjectWise and PowerShell to Automate Daily Tasks

Presented by Brian Flaherty, Bentley Systems

PowerShell scripts to create new rich projects in ProjectWise and Archiving an existing project from ProjectWise.


Collaborating in a Digital World (LECTURE)

Presented by Erik Schonsett, Sr. Industry Specialist at Bluebeam Inc.

Walk through the ways project teams are digitally collaborating and sharing access to information through the cloud by maintaining a single source of truth for all project documentation. Discover how Bluebeam Revu can help with the QA/QC process and learn how to implement digital workflows within your own projects. Also, learn how to integrate Bluebeam Revu with ProjectWise and Sharepoint, how to upload files to Bluebeam Studio, and how to use Revu to markup and return your documents to a designated location. Lastly, see how Bluebeam Studio Prime can give you more administrative control of your Studio Sessions and Projects, including folder automations and third-party integrations.